Clamp Down on Influent Infiltration

Due to influent infiltration into the “closed” sanitary sewer system many sewage treatment plants are forced to discharge raw sewage into local waterways due the inability to process all the excess flow of water coming through the plant: water that doesn’t need to be treated in the first place.

The “A” Clamp is a “low tech” solution for eliminating influent infiltration from leaking riser / cleanout pipes. The “A” Clamp actually clamps the riser / cleanout pipe to the lateral service line or to the P trap if one is used.

The freeze-thaw cycle will still move the riser / cleanout pipe a little bit, but the seal will remain intact. The hydrostatic forces in the ground are great enough that nothing will keep the riser / cleanout pipe from moving, glue will not keep it from moving, it will hold it rigid and the riser / cleanout pipe may crack. To Read More

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