The Realities of New and Abundant Clean Energy

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Dawn Marks, of The Oklahoman, has an important story about the world water
crisis, and how some students from Oklahoma Christian tried to help by traveling
to Rwanda and filming a documentary.

The students said the amount of time people spend trying — and failing — to find
clean water shocked them. http://blog.newsok.com/gogreen/2008/10/05/oc-students-and-water-quality-in-rwanda/

Bi Xiaogang, deputy director of the Beijing Water Authority. Water scarcity in the metropolis, the olympic games and the South-North diversion project.; water; China; Francesca McCann, Water Industry Analyst, speaks about the water sector in the stock market, .water technology, irrigation technology, private equity and ventur capital, regulation.; water; stock market; Andy Seidel, CEO of Underground Solutions and former CEO of US Filter, speaks with GWI about Water and Energy Consumption, American Infrastructure, and the importance of Water Conservation in today’s Water Scarcity.; water; stock market; Mike Stark, President and CEO of Basin Water, about water and the water market. Underground water, the fight for water between agriculture and civilzation growth, the availability of capital today.; water; basin water; stock market; Mike Stark, President and CEO of Basin Water, speaks about the company. This is an excerpt from the GWI Water Market Report 2008, to be published in September 2008; water; basin water; stock market; American Water CEO Don Correll talks about the company, now public. The interview is a snippet of the GWI US Water Market Report, which will be available in September.; american water; stock market; What does it mean water market in the US now? Which opportunities do the big utilities have now? Which kind of privatization?; american water; stock market; Interviews, features, by the world leading magazine dedicated to the international water industry.

Much of the world is in drought, but Americans use more of its scarcer water.
NBC’s Anne Thompson reports: Click to view

How America uses water
How America uses water

Waste Water Recycling
The Qinghe Waste Water Recycling Project is an ideal application of GE’s advanced membrane technology to help improve waste water treatment capability.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the engorged Cedar river is flowing freely throughout the downtown. At least 438 city blocks are under water, and in some neighborhoods the water is 8 feet high. The AP’s Mark Carlson has the story. (June 13)

Facing severe drought, Cyprus has been forced to import water from Greece by sea tankers.

Water PollutionThe funniest videos clips are here

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