Seeking Watertech Distributor – Puralytics

Puralytics, an award winning water treatment company, is seeking qualified channel partners to support expanding business opportunities in all regions.

Puralytics has pioneered and patented a new way to treat water using a light activated nanotechnology which creates advanced oxidation/reduction reactions at its surface resulting in unique capabilities to destroy chemical contaminants, reduce and remove heavy metals, and achieve EPA/WHO levels of pathogen reduction. The company has shipped to shipped to over 50 countries worldwide, and has won numerous international awards including the 2013 International Water Association’s Global Honour Award – Development. The company has three product lines:

Shield – LED powered water treatment for commercial/facility drinking water, industrial water polishing, and bottled water treatment – 500- 5000 gallons/day.
SolarBag – an individual, portable water purifier for emergency preparedness, disaster response, military, rural communities, and recreation. The SolarBag exceeds US EPA/WHO purification requirements for bacteria, virus and protozoa and is also able to destroy or remove toxins including petrochemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and other difficult to remove compounds and can be reused over 500 times.
LilyPad – a floating, sunlight activated passive water treatment device suitable for retention ponds, water tanks, and catchment areas.

Puralytics is seeking regional channel partners with the following capabilities:
• Experience selling and installing water treatment in institutional, commercial, and industrial applications
• Selling experience to government and non-government organizations in disaster response and humanitarian aid
• Familiarity and experience with regional certification and approval agencies
• Sales and Marketing activities in the target region with full language skills
• Resources to meet initial stocking orders for sales marketing demonstration

Qualified applicants please send company details, target region, and contact information to

Rob Anthony
Director of Sales
Cell: 503-781-5965 | Office: 971-205-5114
15236 NW Greenbrier Parkway
Beaverton, OR


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