Water Conservation

This section of our blog is about water conservation, meaning improving water use
efficiency in all areas.

The use of low flow appliances, like showerheads and toilets, is often recommended
as a primary way to reduce indoor water use. Landscape watering is the largest
single use of water for most water utilities. The use of gray water or treated sewage
for landscape watering is increasingly offered as an alternative to potable water.

Water Conservation

Water has long been considered a common social good and a necessity for a civilized
society. With a growing appreciation for its scarcity, people now see water as a
commodity that needs to be protected for economic and environmental reasons.
The idea of viewing water as a commodity to be manipulated, controlled, and
conserved has spread worldwide. Water is very important for economic development
as well as for the basic needs of life. Controlling water means controlling wealth and
power. Through this section we hope to increase the awareness and application of
water conservation methods in society.

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  • Video- AWWATV
    The California Nevada Section of the America Water Works Association is holding its Annual Spring Conference April 6-9, 2009 in Santa Clara, Calif. To Register, visit www.ca-nv-awwa.org

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