Water Facts

Water Facts! You are going to love this journey.

Now! Our Water is the responsibility of us all. It is not like we can just pack
up and ship off to another planet. Even if we could, we actually will not have
ships with long range power enough to reach another water planet. The first
of the water facts is the fact that we are the only water planet for a long long
way into this universe.

I am sure that you can agree we are stuck here for quite a while so it
definitely is in the interests of us all to protect this beautiful water planet
that we live on. The water fasts are there is water plenty here for us all.
This planet is set up with an abundant source, we just have to ensure that
the supressive powers to be are not allowed to make our water resources
“RARE”. So here are some water facts for you to chew over.

So let’s have a look at some facts about our water and then you can take
action to declare your right to quality, clean drinking water. As do our Human
Rights start from home, so does our responsibity to protect our water supplies
across the globe.

After finding the living facts of this life giving liquid, you will never be the
same again. The water facts reveiled in this and other pages of Our Water
will amaze you. Water has life animated all though out its fluidity. As does
a person respond to the good and bad communication or company for that
matter, the fact is that was is more than just a lifeless form of matter. Angry,
Happy or Sad you will see revealed the effects of such communication upon
the source of body structure that we so vitally depend on for bodily form
and survival.

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The last of these is where I do hope to lead you. I am sitting here with a
bottle of what I have named “The Ultimate Drinking Water!”. It tastes
incredible, I revitalized my beingness and secong to my wife, family and
friends, it is my closest companion. Best of all, it is my god given right to
drink as much as I please.

OK! Let’s get down to the facts.

If you were awake through your schooling years you will probably remember
that water has a chemical structure of H2O. That are two Hydrogen Atoms
bonded together with one Oxygen molecule. This is the basic molecular unit
of water. So you would think that if you look at water any where on this
planet, you will see the exact same picture coming up in front of us. You
would think so, but not so.

Oh! I forgot. There are also ten of those little electrical particles called
“ions” rotating between these three atoms holding them together.

A Complete Water Molecule

Water Molecule

If the water molecule is in it’s pure form and has this exact H2O structure
with the balance of ten electrons, then the water will have a completely
neutral balance. Neither Acidid or Alkaline. But as water is so easily dissolved
with other forms, then this neutral state is very rarely found. It is only in it’s
pure, distilled form that we find water in this neutral balance.

Luckily for us, the human body does not have a balance the same as pure
water. On the pH Scale, this is 7. But our body is at it’s most healthy level

just above this at an alkalinity level of around 7.35 to 7.45. If the Ph of our
blood is allowed to drop down to 7, we would be dead. So alkaline equals
health. Acidic means disease and death as far as our bodies are concerned.

You are welcome at this point to go across to our alkaline water pages if you
would like some further education at this moment. Follow this link: alkaline water

Alkalinity definitely is one of the key water facts. Let’s continue with more
water facts .

Now! Where were we? That’s right! Water is a very animated life sustaining
form and as well as being vital to the sustaining of life, it also has a
characteristic of life. It responds to both verbal and written communication
incredibly in a way that will shock you with the graphic evidence of the effect
that can be caused upon our water.

Your body is about 70% made up of water. What water you choose to place
into it is totally up to you. These are two key water facts:

If the water you are filling yourself with is in good shape, then you also will be
in good shape.

If the water you are filling yourself with is in bad shape, you also will be in
bad shape.

Your body does do an amazing job of filtering out the bad and only allowing
the good to enter your blood stream. But if you do a little work on the water
before placing it into your bodies amazing biological system, you are going to
save an incredible amount of energy that is in itself life force.

Take your time with this study of the water facts. Absorb the water facts
provided and make the right choices so that you can live a longer and healthier
life. With the water facts as your own, this investment in yourself will be the
greatest one that you ever make. If will free you up so that you have a beautifully functioning machine from which you will be able to acheive your goals and life

I look forward to hearing of your success.

Warmly, Mike King.

calcium in drinking water

Well, mothers and fathers in Tieri, Blackwater and Bluff have great concern
for their babies due to the high level of sodium in the tap water. They will have
to use filtered and bottled water for their baby formulas until the sodium levels
in the tap water drops.

Water filtration will be the best long term and cost effective way to achieve
this. It is also vitally important for Mums, Dads and the whole family to also drink
filtered water to ensure they are not drinking this contaminated drinking water.

During drought times , of which we have seen for many years her in Australia, the
quality of the water and the amounts of contaminates increases with sediment
build us and lack of water movement. You can just tast it when the life has
gone out of your drinking water.

Well! The day of Mike King starts something like this. Shower, breakfast, packed
lunch and a large bottle of The Ultimate Drinking Water. This goes for me and
my family. With tap water being such a mystery for us, you don’t really have
any idea what it is you are drinking.

Bottled water from a trusted source definitely is an optimum answer over the
use of tap water. You are then also taking the bottling and source ethic level
of the company for granted. You could find out more about them by searching
on their web page, or even just take a trip to their plant. But we don’t really
have much time to do that on our daily rush schedule.

So the best solution is to get ahold of a good quality water purification unit.
At the least you can get a simple carbon filter with about a two to three month
life per filter. Around about $40 for the filter and $10 for the replacement filter.

Carbon filters have been the most reliable form of water filtration since this has
become an issue with the quality of our drinking water. So why why drink bottled
water when you now have a water filter that gives you great quality water out
of your very own tap? Probably at the cost of about a quarter of a cent per
bottle at that.

Well, bottle you own water. It may cost you to buy about a dozen or so water
bottles from the supermarket, but these bottles will last you for weeks, even
months. And now that you are saving massive daily cost by not drinking costly
liquid, caffinated candy soft drinks and sports drinks, you will be able to take
the next step with you drinking water with a very simple step.

The Ultimate Drinking Water!

Join me in changing the lives and health of yourself and the ones you love.

Warmly, Mike King.
Our Drinking Water

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