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4 Benefits of a Water Meter

A water meter is a useful tool that helps you keep track of how much water is being used in your home. This can solve a lot of problems, from high water costs to issues in water flow. It’s essential if you’re concerned with water management, and here’s why:

Accurate readings.

Depending on the quality of your meter, you will get an accurate idea of how much water is consumed in your house. This gives you the ability to make adjustments to be more cost effective or environmentally conscious. The American Water Works Association allows for a 1.5 percent margin of error.

Possibly cutting costs.

Each household is typically charged a fixed water bill if there is no water meter. With a water meter you can base the cost on how much water is actually being used. If it’s less, you will pay a smaller bill, or it allows you to see where you may be overusing water so you can cut down.

Finding leaks.

A water meter can alert you to leaks in the house early, before too much damage is done. This will save you costly repairs and your peace of mind. Some smart meters have gotten very good at this, even having the ability to send messages to your phone the moment a leak is detected.

Energy conservation.

Monitoring your water automatically lends itself to energy efficiency. Those who monitor their water tend to use it less, especially if they’re trying to save money. Lower water use also lowers electricity use from pumps, and saves on the energy used at sewage treatment plants.