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Book Summary – Title: Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Water Utilities – By Kenneth C. Morgan, P.E.

booksummaryMany water utilities struggle to consistently provide effective services to their customers. Based on aging infrastructure, increased regulations, inconsistent employee responses, and the exodus of seasoned, skilled workers, maintaining critical assets has been made even more of a daunting challenge. Developing effective standard operating procedures offers the best approaches to aid water/wastewater utilities to appropriately train their workers, enhance their productivity, respond to regulatory requirements, and to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

When properly established and maintained standard operating procedures can provide:
• A mechanism to train employees
• A tool to evaluate the effectiveness of workers
• A means of establishing efficiencies within the operation of the system(s)
• A process to enhance the efforts of work teams
• An approach to reliably align with regulatory requirements
• A proven system to accomplish the operational goals of the agency

The book is written by a proven water industry professional with over thirty-five years of experience in design, construction management, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement of critical wastewater collection/water distribution system assets.