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Top 3 Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

We all enjoy a nice, hot shower in the morning, especially in the winter time. But, while a hot shower can calm you and relax your muscles, cold and lukewarm showers have been proven to have even more benefits for our health. Here are the top 3 ways cold showers benefit us:


Believe it or not, cold showers can act like an antidepressant! The cold water gives our system a shock, increasing heart rate and oxygen intake, which jumpstarts the brain. The result is an uplifting effect on our mood and energy.


Cold showers can help with inflammation and swelling post-workout. This is because of something called vasoconstriction. That’s when your blood vessels are constricted and blood flow is slowed down, which helps clear out toxins while your muscles repair themselves.


For a similar reason to how it helps our muscles, cold showers are great for our skin all over our body. The cold water constricts blood flow, tightening pores and soothing any irritation. Cold water is also less harsh than hot water and is less likely to dry your skin out.

If you are already sick, severely cold, or have a heart condition, a cold shower may not be beneficial for you. Other than that, a nice cold shower can be refreshing from time to time and give your body a nice reboot!