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4 Major Benefits of a Watershed

If you know what a watershed is, you’re probably aware how essential they are in keeping water sources clean. But what are some of the specific benefits of a well-maintained watershed on the community? Here are 4 benefits you might not have thought about:

An improved economy
Because a watershed cleans water naturally, there’s no need to spend large amounts of money on chemical water treatment. There are also lower costs for infrastructure, such as what’s used for flood control. According to the EPA, a healthy watershed also offers opportunities for jobs in agriculture and through things like recreational fishing, boating, and ecotourism. The flourishing economy and healthy ecosystem tends to also raise property value.

Less overall stress
A healthy watershed means more greenery which is known to reduce stress. Access to trees, natural bodies of water, and other plant life improves emotional health and encourages exercise, which is also a stress reliever. Having unlimited access to clean water is also a huge weight off the mind, since residents do not have to worry about water-borne diseases.

Beautiful scenery
As mentioned, watersheds support a healthy body of water and an abundance of greenery. When tended to by the community, that can include manicured fields, lush forestry, and a variety of flowers to garnish a beautiful lake, pond or stream. Many communities will also create parks or trails where the scenery can be admired.

Healthy wildlife
On top of providing for a community, a watershed also provides clean water for local wildlife. Wildlife inside and outside the water is essential to a happy, healthy ecosystem, so this is a major benefit! Supporting local wildlife in this way helps make the environment more resilient and resistant to disease or invasive species that would throw off the natural habitat.