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Health Benefits of Drinking Different Types of Water

Despite the various health benefits of drinking water, many people find it a challenge and struggle with dehydration. So, how can you drink more water when you don’t like it? Here is a small list of different types of water you can try and their benefits:

Spring water benefits:

Spring water is filtered naturally underground, which makes it more alkaline (or easier on the stomach) than chemically purified water. It contains healthy minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and sodium. All those minerals may also give the water its own unique flavor!

Cucumber water benefits:

Adding cucumber to a pitcher of water gives it a cool, refreshing taste that can curb your desires for sugary drinks. Cucumber also adds vitamins A and C, folic acid, and silica to your water, promoting healthy skin and blood flow.

Lemon water benefits:

Similar to spring water, lemon adds healthy minerals like calcium and potassium to water, plus a punchy, vibrant flavor that can replace less healthy drinks. One lemon provides about 31 mg of vitamin C, far more than a cucumber! The acid can also aid in digestion, reducing the chance for bloating and heartburn.

Sparkling water benefits:

Some research shows that the carbonation in sparkling water can aid in digestion, relieving gas and constipation. Plus, it’s more fun to drink than plain water! Beware though: some sparkling water includes additives or sweeteners that could be unhealthy. Always check the label.

Hot water benefits:

Drinking hot water before, with or after a meal is said to help break down food and reduce the risk of constipation. It also raises your core body temperature, causing you to sweat and release toxins. Besides the physical benefits, a hot cup of water is also a great way to ease anxiety, similar to a comforting cup of coffee – sans the caffeine or sugar.

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