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Is Tap Water Better Than Bottled Water?

Some studies show that people prefer bottled water over tap water. That is because in many places bottled water is more readily available, portable, and easy to dispose of. It’s also considered safer to drink, since it’s been run through several health checks and sealed with a top. But, is bottled water always the better option?

In some places, the local tap water is not safe to drink because of a lack of infrastructure, or some other reason like a natural disaster. A person could also have certain health concerns that make them more sensitive to the natural minerals in tap water, so bottled water becomes the alternative. This is a problem that can also be solved by using a water filter, but some may not have access to one.

On the other hand, the personal cost and environmental impact of bottled water has caused many to consider tap water the best option. If the tap water where you live is FDA approved, nine times out of ten the water is just as safe and tastes the same as bottled water. If you invest in a reusable water bottle you can also save money.

Overall, tap water seems to be the winner in terms of pros and cons. However, the reality is, a person’s choice depends on their circumstances!